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〖Biruida〗BRD Room temperature deaerator

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  • Changzhou Biruida Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.

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常温除氧器去除溶于水中的氧气,对于防止锅炉或其他用水设备的腐蚀,保证其安全经济运行有着重要的意义。多年 来人们一直在为传统的除氧方法因受苛刻的外界条件影响而达不到理想的除氧效果,或不能经济地运行而苦恼。本公司开发出的常温过滤式除氧器,它克服了传统除氧方法的种种缺点,实践证明该除氧器出水溶解氧含量可保证在 0.05mg/L以下,已成为低压锅炉除氧设备的更新换代产品。

Product overview:

The removal of oxygen dissolved in water by room temperature deaerator is of great significance to prevent corrosion of boiler or other water equipment and ensure its safe and economical operation.For many years, people have been worried that the traditional deoxygenation method can not achieve ideal deoxygenation effect due to the influence of harsh external conditions, or can not operate economically.The room temperature filter deaerator developed by our company has overcome the shortcomings of the traditional deaerator. It has been proved by practice that the dissolved oxygen content of the deaerator can be guaranteed below 0.05mg/L, and has become the replacement product of low-pressure boiler deaerator.



1) 可在常温下实现除氧,进水无需加热。

2) 除氧效果稳定可靠,出水中溶解氧含量稳定≤0.05mg/L,满足低压锅炉水质标准。

3) 设备品种齐全,控制方式可根据用户要求选择全自动或手动控制方式。

4) 安装无特殊要求,克服真空除氧必须高位安装的不便。

5) 设备可低位布置,占地小,工艺简单。

6) 对于全自动除氧器则无须安装反洗水泵,系统简单。

Product features:

1) Deaeration can be realized at room temperature, and the water inlet does not need heating.

2) the oxygen removal effect is stable and reliable, and the dissolved oxygen content in the outlet water is stable ≤0.05mg/L, meeting the water quality standard of low-pressure boiler.

3) the equipment is complete in variety, and the control mode can be fully automatic or manual according to user requirements.

4) no special requirements for installation, to overcome the inconvenience of high installation required for vacuum deoxygenation.

5) the equipment can be arranged in low position with small floor space and simple process.

6) for fully automatic deaerator, there is no need to install backwash pump, the system is simple.



Technical parameters:

Nominal pressure:0.15-0.5MPa

Filtration velocity:20-30m/h

Body material:Optional stainless steel,carbon steel liner

Sutable temperature:8-50℃(special temperature can be customized)

Operation cycle:8-48h

Control type:Differential pressure/Time/Manual