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〖Biruida〗BRD bag filter

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BRD袋式过滤器   BRD bag filter


■ Product Overview
The bag filter is produced by the European and American companies' product standards organization, and is equipped with foreign imported materials, processing technology and standard filter bags, which perfectly unifies excellent filtering performance, high reliability and convenient operation. It is widely used in the advanced treatment of water quality in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, food and beverage, microelectronics, water treatment and membrane industry, pharmaceutical and metal processing.


■Working principle
The filter bag is supported by a support basket, and the liquid to be filtered flows in from the top of the filter bag, so that the liquid can be evenly distributed on the filter surface of the whole filter bag, so that the fluid distribution in the whole layer is constant and consistent without the negative impact of turbulence, and the filtering effect is good. The liquid flows from the inner surface of the filter bag to the outer surface, and the filtered particle impurities are trapped in the filter bag to ensure that the downstream liquid will not be polluted when the bag is replaced. The support basket supported by high-strength stainless steel wire mesh greatly improves the filtration surface area in the filtration system and provides a large and smooth filtration surface.


公称压力:0-1.0 MPa
流量:1-8000 m3/h

Technical parameter
Nominal pressure:0-1.0 MPa
Flow:1-8000 m3 / h
Applicable temperature:normal temperature (high temperature can be designed)
Filter Size:2 × bags (other specifications can be customized)
Accuracy: 0.5-2000mm
Body material: stainless steel 304 / 316L
Filtering area: 0.1-0.5m²
Filter element material: PP, PE