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〖WAP〗High-Density Storage Rack--Radio Shuttle Rack/Push-Back Rack/Drive-in Rack

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Radio shuttle racking system is a complete high-density storage system consisting of racks, shuttles and forklifts. This efficient storage method offers new options for increasing warehouse space utilization.

  • Loading: The forklift puts the pallet on the outer position of the channel. WAP-1 shuttle car, operated by radio remote control can transport pallets along the guiding rails.

  • Picking: Shuttle transports pallets out from the deepest part of the channel to the front for the forklift to pick.

  • Shuttle: Shuttles can be placed in different channels by forklifts, and multiple channels can share one shuttle. The quantity of shuttles is determined by factors such as: channel depth, total amount of goods, batch shipment, stock-in and stock-out frequency, etc.






Push-back racking combines operation efficiency with high density storage. Front and back beams are connected by inclined rails with nested carts placed on top. When storing, pallets are placed on top of the front cart which will be pushed back by the next stored pallet exposing the next cart underneath. When extracting the outer pallet, the cart inside will automatically slide out due to gravity. Storage depth can be 2-4 pallets deep. Compared with selective racking, push-back racking increases storage space by 30%.



• Large storage capacity and high efficiency space usage

• Suitable for multi-variety, high-volume products

• Suitable for dense cold storage






The design principle of the drive-in rack is to connect several rows of standard racks and have a dedicated pathway. Installation can be two sets of drive-in racks installed back-to-back or one single set against the wall. Forklifts use the same in-out channel. When storing products, start inwards towards outwards and when retrieving should be the opposite. Storage density is very good, but not suited for FIFO. It is suitable for periodic batch operations and high frequency loading and unloading raw material warehouses or distribution centers.


•  Forklift drives into the aisles when loading or picking pallets   


•  Greatly improves space utilization


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