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〖Tongling Tianhai〗Flexible Check Valve (TH014)

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Product overview:

The valve disc is made of rubber coated outer layer, full bore design, with the characteristics of small head loss, not easy to pile up sundries, simple maintenance, etc. It is suitable for water supply and drainage pipeline system, installed in the pipeline or at the outlet of water pump to prevent medium backflow and water hammer damage to the pipeline and pump. The valve can also be installed on the bypass pipe at the inlet and outlet of the reservoir to assist the backflow of pool water to the water supply system.

Technical parameters: 
nominal diameter: DN50-DN700
Nominal pressure: PN10/PN16/CL125CL150
Applicable temperature: 0-80℃
Applicable media: water, oil, gas, etc.
Design standard: GB/T13932,BS5163,DINF6,ASME16.10
Structure length: GB/T12221/EN558-1/DIN3202
Flange drilling: GB/T17241.6,EN1092-2, ASMEB16.1/16.42 AS4087
Test standard: GB/T13927 EN12266