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〖Haolifa〗DN Fire signal butterfly valve

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Fire signal butterfly valve

1. Small and light, easy to disassemble and maintain, and can be installed at any position.

2. The structure is simple, compact, and quick to open and close at 90 operation. 3. The operating torque is small, saving labor and lightness.
4. Completely sealed, zero gas test leakage.
5. Choose different parts and materials, applicable to multiple media.
6. The number of opening and closing tests is up to tens of thousands of times, and the service life is long.
7. Where the gate valve, stop valve, cock, hose valve and diaphragm valve are used, especially in the high-level building fire protection system and the pipeline system that needs to display the valve switching status, it can be replaced with this valve

The butterfly valve is suitable for pipelines in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, pharmaceutical, hydropower, shipbuilding, water supply and drainage, smelting, energy, etc. Used as regulating and intercepting equipment on pipelines and vessels. It is especially widely used in high-rise building fire protection systems and other pipeline systems that need to display valve opening and closing status.

Nominal diameter (mm): 50 ~ 250 (2 ″ ~ 10 ″)
Nominal pressure (MPa): 1.0 / 1.6
Shell test pressure (MPa): nominal pressure × 1.5
Sealing test pressure (MPa): nominal pressure × 1.1
Exterior spraying: epoxy polyester coating
Working temperature: -10 ~ 150 ° C
Applicable medium: water, air, steam, oil, etc.
Micro switch capacity: AC 220V 1A DC 30V 0.5A

1. Opening indication
2. Terminal
3. Open to the cam
4. Outlet
5. Close cam
6. Limit screw
7. Semicircular key
8. Axial positioning device
9. Bushing
10. Valve seat
11. Lower stem
12. Box cover
13. Open to the micro switch
14. Close to the micro switch
15. Worm shaft
16. Worm
17. Worm gear
18. Cabinet
19. Valve body
20. Upper stem
21. Butterfly Board