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〖HAIDEO〗XBD-HY(HL) Series Vertical Constant Pressure Fire-Fighting Pump

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XBD-HY(HL) Series Vertical Constant Pressure Fire-Fighting Pump




Product introduction
    XBD-HY(HL) series vertical constant pressure fire-fighting pump is a kind of new product researched and manufactured by our company according to market demand. Applicable to fire-fighting and living water supply in high-rise constructions, it belongs to a special fire-fighting pump with reliable and high-quality nature. The performance and technical conditions accord with the requirements of National Standard GB6245-2006 Performance Requirements and Testing Method of Firefighting Pump.
    XBD-HY(HL) series vertical constant pressure fire-fighting pump enjoys variable flow and stable pressure. That is to say, within the scope of total flow, the range does not have great changes; once the pump
changes from flow zero to the limit within the needed maximum flow, the range change is within the scope of 5% and the pressure will not exceed in case of small flow or flow zero. All these characteristics have avoided the phenomenon of excessive pressure of ordinary centrifugal pump in medium and small flow but supply shortage in large flow and greatly upgraded the safety and reliability for fire-fighting efficiency, firefighting equipment and personnel.
    According to the characteristics in the fire-fighting pump and by conditions of our company, the motor power of vertical constant pressure fire-fighting pump ≤75kW besides of horizontal pump. The pump impeller is open type strutural with small axial force and without rings which have prevented the rusting and seizure. Cast iron is adopted for pump body and pump cover, blade is according to comsumer's require.



Product application
XBD-HY(HL) series vertical constant pressure fire-fighting pump is mainly applicable to the water supply of fire-fighting systems (firefighting hydrant system, automatic spraying system and water mist firefighting system) in the industrial and civil constructions. Furthermore, it can also be adopted for shared fire-fighting and living (production) water supply systems and the water supply systems in constructions,municipalities, mines and boilers.



Operation condition
Rotation speed: 1500/3000min (synchronized motor rotation speed);
Medium temperature: ≤80℃(clean water);
Flow scope: 5-80L/s;
Range scope: 0.3-2.0MPa;
Rotation direction: clockwise direction from the end of motor.