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〖MELUCK〗LSLG Series Screw Compressor Chillers

AAA level - well-known brandbrand story
  • Shanghai MELUCK Refrigeration Equipment Co, LTD.

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Twin screw compressor of world famous brand is employed,with high efficiency ,low noise level,. less wearing and long operation time.
The unit is of high performance as they are made of the condensers and evaporators of grooved copper pipes,and high qualitycomponents,by specialized process.
The unit is of easy to operate,and fridendly interfaced,as they employ leading brand of PLC,64k color touch screen and other controlelements.
The energy saving for Multi-capacity regulation ,resulted in cost cut down for operation and maintenance.

Control system
Lmaged system operation chart,showing the temperatures of water in and out ,the energy level of compressor run ,on/off button,run time,alarm etc.And the remote turn on/off function is available.PC remote control is optional.
Notice for maintenance is indicated according to the accumulated run time of the compressor .it is a convenience to the maintenance man
The control system will automatically balance the run time for each compressor for the mult-compressor unit

Safety protections
Discharge check valve: it prevents the discharged gas from going back after the compressor stop.
Phase lack protection: it protects the compressor for over high voltage ,voltage deficiency, and phase lack..
Direction protection : it protects the compressor from damage resulted from Counter direction run.
Oil heater : it heats the oil before the unit start ,keep the good lubrication for the unit before it runs.
Overheat protection inside the motor of the compressor : it protect the compressor from burning down for too high coil temperature for overload, or abnormal run condition.
High and low pressure protection : it protect the compressor and the system against extreme run condition and trouble.
Freezing protection : it protects the unit from run without water flow.
High temperature of chilled water protection : it works to protect the compressor in case the load is too large ; the temperature of the chilled water is ton high .it may result in compressor failure without this protect in the case.

1.Test Condition: Chilled water Tin/Tout: 12℃/7℃.Cooling water, Tin/Tout: 30℃/35℃;
2.Power supply:3P-380V-50Hz; Voltage Allowance:±10%, Phase Voltage Allowance:±2%;
3.The ;Data above is got by R22; Data for R134a,R407C etc are available on request;
4.There may be change of the dimensions without pre notice. For accurate you are welcome to ask us for installing drawing.