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〖star-boiler〗WNS Horizontal (condensing) steam boiler

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The WNS XX-XX-Q(Y)series full-automatic oil(gas) fired team boiler, the structure all adopt to annoy three return journeys, undee hearth, whole wet back. The fuel is combusting under tiny pressure in a hearth, the hot smoke follows a heath backward through return to room of combustion into the first smoke way controls through oppressing, the smoke turn of type 180°,and go in the second to smoke tubes, rear row to go into the atmosphere after changing the heat through convection.To use the design thoughts of the three return joumey symmetry structure, three return joumey steam boiler with bigger capacity. Biggest characteristics in this kind of boiler. All press component and tubes are symmetry. Whole wet backs type the boiler structure, with biggest of inside the structure of the canister and the partiality fire box. It is advantageous to improve on the enough radiation area to be subjected to the hot side. But the convectionis made up of fire tube the second return joumey and three return journey. Retuning room of fire connect with the plank and a hearth conjunctions, the back plank adoption spheroid to seal, the head and tube after returning room of fire plank. The retuming smoke room of the second return journey and the third return joumey turned the smoke room to constitute the smoke box, here temperature of smoke is already lower than 500 C. Therefore, fire-proof of the smoke box adopt light form of the structure.


Structural features

A undee hearth of a form
A undee hearth of a form this series boiler,enhanced the moving of smoke,and then enlarged the radiation area,to transmit heat by this area, increased a undee hearth intensity, and effectively weaken the internal force of undee hearth;to build up transmit heat result,and then promoted.

Rear flue additional condenser
Additional rear flue condenser using flue gas condenser absorbs latent heat and sensible heat,improving the water temperature of the boiler, reducing the exhaust gas temperature, the thermal efficiency of the boiler increased to more than 98% (Note: The process of using the boiler condenser out of the water valve must be normally open)