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〖star-boiler〗CWNS Low Nitrogen Condensation Atmospheric Pressure Hot

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Low Nitrogen Condensation Atmospheric Pressure Hot

Feature Description

Model CWNS series atmosperic oil ( as ) hot water boiler is horizontal intemal combustion wet back shell boiler . It is mainly composed of shell , furnace , smoke circling box , one return smoke tube , two return smoke tube and front and back smoke chamber.

The combustion chamber adopts a design of wave form furnace , back fire chamber and wet back structure without a danger of back tube sheet bumout easily , ensuring boiler running safety. Furnace is useful for the natural circulation of boiler water.

Adopts a design of gas fuel 2 return , and smoke tube adopts threaded tubes , thus increasing the convection heat transfer area and enhancing the heat transfer effect.

Boiler main body is manufatured tested strictly according to JB/T7985-2002 "small and atmospheric hot water boiler general technical conditions " and its related standards with excellent quality. Static pressure test and thermal test will be made before delivery.

The boiler runs in full-auto control condition and the water outlet temperature is automatically adjusted; the auto ignition procedure of boiler is started. Multiple alarming and inter locking protection devices are equipped, ensuring safety and reliability of boiler operation.

Bearing pressure condenser, condenser can participate in bearing pressure hot water circulation, largely reducing exhaust gas temperature and improving thermal efficiency.