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〖Tongling Tianhai〗TH020-Flanged Y Strainer

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  • Tongling Tianhai Flow Control Co.,Ltd.

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Product overview:

Y Strainer is Y-shaped, one end is to make water and other fluid through, one end is to precipitate waste and impurities.It is usually installed at the inlet end of reducing valve, decompression valve, water level valve, or other device.Its function is to remove impurities from the water to protect the normal operation of valves and equipment.Y-type filter has effectively treated a large number of domestic and industrial sewage in the application of various industries, so that valuable water resources have been effectively reused and saving a large number of water resources.The advantages of Y-type filter include full automation, maintenance-free, large filtration area, high filter efficiency, long service life, stainless steel material, optional filtration accuracy and complete specifications.