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〖Tongling Tianhai〗Z45X-10/16Q Resilient Gate Valve-Brass Nut Type

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Product overview:

Soft seal gate valve is a new generation product of traditional gate valve. It uses elastic valve plate to produce micro deformation compensation effect to achieve good sealing effect. The valve has the advantages of integral rubber coating, corrosion resistance, not easy to break, good elastic memory and long service life, and can be widely used in water, sewage, construction, video, power, medicine, gold treatment, light textile, energy system and other fluid pipelines. For adjustment and retention devices.

Technical parameter:

Nominal diameter: DN40-DN300

Nominal pressure:PN10/PN16/CL125/CL150

Applicable temperature: 0-80 ℃

Applicable media: water, oil, gas, etc.

Design standard: CJ/T216-2013,GB/T32290,BS5163,DIN3352,EN1171,EN1074

structural length: GB/T12221/EN558-1/ SABS664/SABS665

flange drilling:GB/T17241.6,EN1092-2,ASME

Test standard: GB/T13927,EN12266


Blind rod soft seal gate valve

Main materials:

No. Part Material
1 valve body ductile cast iron
2 valve clack ductile cast iron+EPDM
3 The head gasket EPDM
4 valve rod stainless steel
5 sealing ring chemigun
6 locating ring 8.8 grade carbon steel
7 hand wheel ductile cast iron
8 bolt stainless steel SS304
9 gasket  stainless steel SS304
10 o-ring chemigum
11 o-ring chemigum
12 Thrust nut  brass59-114
13 Thrust pad polyformaldehyde
14  bonnet ductile cast iron
15 valve-stem nut brass59-1


Resilient Gate Valve-Brass Nut Type