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〖Dorosin〗DAKC Series Mobile Compression Refrigeration Air Conditioner

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Post Cooling
It has more obvious cooling effect compare with traditional fans,which make workers feel better and improve work efficiency greatly.

Local Cooling
Cooling for local space rapidly with high-efficiency.

Spot Cooling
Cooling for specific person which makes cooling is more targeted.Provide good working condition for workers and promote them to work more conscientiously.

Type DAKC-27B DAKC-27 DAKC-45 DAKC-65
Compressor brand Panasonic
Compressor type rotor
Power 220V/50HZ
Cooling Capacity(W) 2700 4500 6500
Cooling Capacity(BTU) 9210 15300 22000
power 1050W 1800W 2500W
Running current 4.85A 7.1A 11A
cold blast rate 400m³/h 850m³/h 1300m³/h
Dimensions   480*462*825 mm 528*508*1003mm 587*625*1244mm
tank capacity 8L 18L
Accuracy of humidity control ± 3%
Guarantee The machine for one year
Atomized particles 1-5μm