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〖XS〗FPWM Horizontal Horizontal Surface Mounted Fan Coil Unit

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FPWM Horizontal Horizontal Surface Mounted Fan Coil Unit:

The unit is directly mounted on the top of the room, which is easy and convenient, and suitable for installation in old houses.



01 Efficient Performance
The heat exchange fins are made of high-quality ordinary aluminum foil or hydrophilic aluminum foil, which is punched by an automatic high-speed punching machine. After the high-quality copper tube and the fin are formed through the sleeve, using advanced welding technology, mechanical expansion or 16MPa water pressure expansion, fully ensure the performance and quality of the coil.

02 The shell structure
All parts of the product are made of high quality environmental protection galvanized sheet produced by baosteel, all parts are formed by die stamping, air outlet configuration corresponding pressureBar and mounting hole, convenient for customers to install, in line with the decoration design requirements.

03 Three speed durable motor
The motor is a capacitive motor, which adopts NSK steel ball bearing with high precision. When running, it has low current, low noise, low temperature rise and workStrong rate and other characteristics, at the same time for customers to add anti - burning function.

04 Low noise centrifugal fan
The fan adopts the double-inlet centrifugal galvanized wind wheel, and there is no gap between the wind wheel and the wide-angle side of the shell, which fully guarantees the stability of the suction wind and reduces the noiseSound, after two strict dynamic balance check, with small vibration, low noise, large air volume and other characteristics, fan shell baosteel high-quality environmental protection galvanizedPlate production, side plate and shell surface using advanced deep positioning technology, only four flat head self-tapping screw fixation.

05 The mold forms the water tray
The water collecting tray is formed by one deep drawing of high quality cold plate, and naturally forms a certain slope to keep the tray dry forever.After high temperature baking paint and mold attached5mm insulation layer, no cold bridge phenomenon, another can be extended according to the customer's request water plate length.

06 Rigorous testing
All products have passed the operation test and the test of withstand voltage and insulation, and each batch of products have been tested according to the national standardStability and reliability of product performance.

07 Control, flexibility and convenience
Can pretend to control and remote control according to customer requirements, and can be controlled with host and computer and other equipment.