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〖Biruida〗BRD automatic dosing system

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Product overview
In the process of water supply and drainage treatment, all kinds of chemicals are often added as scale inhibitor, bactericide and algaecide, coagulation and flocculation to achieve the purpose of water purification. There are solid particles and liquid in these reagents. The best effect can be achieved only by dissolving, diluting and dosing according to the proportion. Therefore, the dosing device is a complete set of equipment integrating dosing, mixing, conveying liquid and automatic control. Generally, it is used in the circulating water system which needs to add corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and bactericide to accurately add and measure the water quality treatment agent. It is widely used in air conditioning circulating cooling water, reclaimed water recycling system, wastewater system, steel, petrochemical, thermal power, paper, microelectronics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Working principle
The dosing device is mainly composed of solution tank, agitator, metering pump, liquid level meter, electric control cabinet, pipeline, valve, Y-type filter, etc. The dosing device is configured in the mixing tank according to the required concentration of the agent. After being evenly stirred by the mixer, it is put into the solution tank, and the prepared solution is delivered to the dosing point or the designated system by the metering pump. According to the requirements of different technological processes of users, it can carry out targeted design, configure necessary components, and realize automatic remote control and other functions.

1) Injection valve size: G3 / 8 "and G1 / 2"
2) Pipe connection size: DN25
3) Customers can choose on-line conductivity controller, on-line pH monitor, real-time on-line corrosion monitor, electromagnetic sewage valve, pulse flow meter, etc.

Product description
1) High degree of automation, uniform and accurate dosing. Through the microcomputer dosing controller (metering pump to control the dosing amount, in addition to the regular addition of medicines into the dissolution barrel, without any manual operation, saving a lot of manpower, the dosing amount is more accurate.
2) Long service life. All parts in contact with the liquid are made of PE engineering plastic, which is resistant to strong acids and alkalis and resistant to aging.
3) Users can choose according to their needs: stirrer, PLC, thermometer, pH meter, online corrosion rate detector and conductivity online monitor.

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