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〖Midea〗TR+S series multi-split air conditioning

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Note 1. The parameter in the table is the nominal value of rated working condition specified by gbt18837-2015, which will change with the change of working condition.

2. Refrigerating capacity test conditions: indoor ambient temperature DBWB:27℃/19℃, outdoor ambient temperature DB/WB:35℃/24℃.Heat production test conditions: indoor environment DB/WB:20℃/15℃, outdoor environment temperature DB/WB:7C6℃.

3.The above indoor machine capacity test conditions: cooling 35℃DB/24CWB(outdoor),27℃DB/19CWB(indoor): heating 7℃DB/6℃WB(outdoor),20℃CDB/15℃WB(indoor).Equivalent length of refrigerant piping :5 m, drop :0 m;

4.The noise value is measured according to the national standard requirements in the semi-muffled noise laboratory.

5.In the indoor machine parameter table, in brackets are the model parameters of electric auxiliary heat, and the values after "+" are electric auxiliary heat parameters.One side wind embedded as standard panel.

6. The running noise contained in the sample is the value tested in the semi-muffler room. In the actual installation state, due to the influence of ambient background noise, it is generally higher than the recorded value of this sample;

7. Due to product improvement, the above parameters may be changed, please refer to the product nameplate parameters for details.