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〖WAP〗Stereoscopic Warehouse

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  • Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp.,Ltd.

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WAP stereoscopic warehouse has extensive experience in working with system integrators around the world. The products have been subjected to rounds of strict tests and inspections and supported by efficient project implementation team and project management system.

ASRS is assembled with racking system, stacker, conveyor, cranes, material handling equipment. Operated manually or remotely to achieve automatic access to goods. Making full use of storage space achieving standardization, automation, greatly reducing error rate, labor intensity, storage and transportation costs.




Core Equipment

Swiss Gema automatic powder coating equipment, provides a stable and uniform powder coating; 

High speed powder coating line, solves coating quality problem for uprights over 10 meters;

6 automatic welding robots making welding uniform, stable and without slag;





Sorry! This product is a non-standard customized product with no fixed parameters.